The UniCredit Leasing Group Fleet business division deals with financing and comprehensive management of vehicle fleets. Our colleagues with their several years of experience help our clients in the most efficient operation of their vehicle fleets. Starting with the selection of the vehicles and all the tasks related to operation all the way to resale, our activity encompasses every area.

Thanks to our several years of experience, the statistical analysis at our disposal, and our expert colleagues, a knowledge base has been compiled which, put to use in the interest of our clients, assists us in completing all the tasks related to fleet management much more efficiently than if the companies themselves were to do so on an individual basis. Therefore those companies availing of our fleet management service join a professionally managed vehicle fleet and can enjoy all of its advantages. This essentially pays off regardless of fleet size for our clients whether their fleet consists of two, three, or several hundred cars.

The high level servicing of large companies remains a highly important part of UniCredit Leasing Group’s strategy. However, parallel to this we pay particular attention to small and medium enterprises as well. Our aim as a premium service provider is to ensure our clients the highest available level of service at the most competitive price.