Relying on our experience from the last decade and in response to the needs of the Hungarian and international transportation market, our company offers financing solutions tailored to the individual needs of private individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and transportation companies alike.

While keeping up with constant changes in the market, we propose a renewed structure of financing products to serve our clientele to the highest standard. This way, we can ensure financial security, prompt administration and flexible decision-making which are of vital importance.

Among our leased assets you can find large tractors and trailers used by international carriers, dump trucks used for motorway and other construction, smaller trucks manufactured for domestic use, and buses too.

Among our financing products you can find open-end and closed-end financial leasing, operating leasing suited to client demands.

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After serious comparison and analysis our independent insurance brokerage firm recommends the most suitable plan for you from among the products of Hungary's largest insurance companies for needs ranging from claim adjustment all the way to cargo insurance.

Our special financing schemes:

  • VAT reversal
  • SEASONAL fee payment option
  • Import leasing transactions
  • Leaseback transactions
  • Manufacturer specific and general promotions
  • Financing promotions in cooperation with dealers
  • Financing related financial advising
  • Comprehensive and mandatory insurance offers and advising
  • Brokerage of foreign leasing transactions

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Our passenger car and small commercial vehicle business division offers its financing products with a solid professional background. With simplified assessment and flexible administration we look forward to serving you as one of our clients.

Vehicles eligible for financing:

  • new and used passenger cars and small commercial vehicles under 3.5 tons

Who can apply?

  • Domestically registered private individuals of at least 18 years of age who have a permanent Hungarian address
  • domestically registered companies
  • sole proprietors
  • organizations not required to register in company court


  • closed-end financial leasing, fleet management
  • EURO, HUF based financing
  • integrated comprehensive insurance

If you have any questions regarding our services, please call one of our colleagues at + 36 1 489 7893 or write us at